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NT KOR 1410

(Solvent Based Medium Term Rust Preventive) It is Water Displacing type, solvent cutback rust preventive. It can be directly applied to water wet metal surfaces, where they displace water, leaving a soft protective f i lm. The soft and oily film i s resistant to handling and gives good rust protection. This protective film can be removed by solvent or alkaline/ neutral cleaners


Highly suitable for sheet metal components. For export and long term storage of components. All purpose rust preventive. Specially recommended for Fasteners, tools, gears etc.


-    Very good De-emulsification.
-    Excellent Dewatering Properties
-    Can be degreased easily.
-    High Coverage
-    Forms Adherent soft oily film providing lubricating properties for subsequent operations.


30 litre Pail, 210 Litre Barrels

Owing to evolving packaging solutions, user is requested to kindly check the availability of a specific pack size prior to standardization.

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