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Gearlube SP - 220s

(Synthetic Gear Oil) Mosil Gearlube SP – 220s is a fully synthetic gear oil formulated from a carefully selected blend of Synthetic Hydrocarbon Base stocks. An inherently high Viscosity Index (VI) extends the operating temperature range at both the ends. The oil is further fortified with a synergistic blend of various additives like antiwear, EP etc. apart from the proprietary friction modifier additive of MOSIL. These additives extend the usable life of the oil by enhancing the oxidation stability, protection against rust & corrosion, wear etc. Mosil Gearlube SP – 220s is totally free from any form of wax or other fatty impurities thereby enhancing its performance in the lower operating temperature compared to other gear oils. Also, the oil is totally compatible with most of the plastic types thereby extending its application area. Mosil Gearlube SP – 220s can be used on all the enclosed gearboxes and bearings etc. (However it is recommended that before charging the oil, the system is totally flushed with Mosil Flush Oil - 150 to derive the maximum advantage from the oil)


Enclosed Gear drives, Transmission chains, Heavily loaded low speed antifriction bearing, Centralized lubrication systems. As a running-in-oil for OEMs. Heavy Duty Earth moving and Excavating equipments.


-    Extends drain intervals
-    Reduces wear and tear
-    Reduces power consumption
-    Chemically inert


5 Ltr J Can, 20 Ltr Pail, 210 Ltr Drum

Owing to evolving packaging solutions, user is requested to kindly check the availability of a specific pack size prior to standardization.

ISO VG Grade 220
Appearance Clear
Colour (Visual) Pale Yellow to Brown (minor variation in colour has no effect on the performance of the product)
Kinematic Viscosity 40°C (cSt)
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C (cSt) 20 - 30
Viscosity Index 150 (typical)
Carbon Residue Conradson % wt. 0.7 (typical)
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM 1a
Density at 15° C 0.85 ± 0.05
Flash Point °C (COC) 220°C (min)
FZG Micropitting Fail Stage (FVA Proc No 54) 10
FZG (Failure Load Stage) 14+
A/8.3/90 null
4 Ball Wear Scar, mm 0.25 (max)
(ASTM D - 4172 Mod - 1800rpm, 20Kg, 54°C, 60min) null
Flender Foam test null
Original Oil % 4 (max)
Original oil mixed with 2% other conventional mineral oil 5 (max)
Foaming characteristics, 0/0/0
ASTM D - 892, Seq I/II/III null
Demulse at 82 °C, 10 max
ASTM D - 1401, 40/37/3, min null
Rust Protection, No Rust
ASTM D 665, Sea Water null

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