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SPRAY - 5055

(Premium High Temperature Grease) It is a lead free super premium high temperature specially blended formulation of synthetic base oil (PAO) and non-soap thickener grease fortified with other specialty additives (nitrite and chlorine free) to meet critical industrial applications at high temperatures. It is further fortified with Moly so enhance its EP, antiwear characteristics besides excellent oxidation stability at high temperatures owing to specialized anti oxidants.


Conveyor bearings, Kiln bearings, Oven chains, Induced draft fan bearings, Heavy duty Earth moving equipments , Drives, Furnace door & Hinges, Agitator, Mixers, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Planetary Mixers, Multi Mill etc, etc. It is also recommended for lubrication of components subjected to sliding motion at high load and low speed such as Cams etc.


-    Non-melt / Non-drip grease to reduce contamination.
-    Withstands High temperature.
-    Excellent low temperature pump ability.
-    Excellent metal affinity
-    Long life lubricant.


4 Kg Jar, 20 Kg Pail and 180 Kg Drum

Owing to evolving packaging solutions, user is requested to kindly check the availability of a specific pack size prior to standardization.

Appearance Smooth Homogeneous
Base Non-soap
Colour Black to Grey Brown
Temp. Range - 40oC to 210oC
Drop Point None
Consistency (NLGI) # 1
Worked Penetration 310 – 340
Specific Gravity 0.95 ± 0.05
Water Resistance Excellent
Copper Strip Corrosion Negative
Additives Anti-wear, Anti-rust, Anti-oxidant

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