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(Dry Lubricant) It is a suspension of microsize Molybdenum Disulphide in Aerosol form. It gives an instant dry lubricating film which is chemically stable. It is effective in conditions where dust or dirt, cotton fluff or other foreign particles etc. exist in the environment.


1. Boundary Lubrication : For lubrication of surfaces in which the relative motion is too small to allow formation of an oil film. 2. Wear-in: Protection against galling and seizure of newly machined surfaces e.g. cams, slides and ways, valves, sleeves, splines, ball pivots. 3. Press Fitting: To reduce pressures required and prevent galling and seizure e.g. antifriction bearings, splines, keyed shafts, sleeves. 4. Release Agent : Prevents material from sticking together as in moulding and casting 5. Cold Metal forming: To reduce friction and heat, lengthen life and prevent pick-up on punching and forming dies and all types of cutting tools. 6. Pre-assembly lubrication : Where maintenance lubrication is impossible or difficult due to inaccessibility of bearings e.g. enclosed mechanisms, locks, hinges, instruments, appliances, camera shutters, lock barrels and pins, pins and sleeves or air-conditioning equipment, cigarette lighter bodies, small electrical wiper blades etc.


-    Operates effectively at extremes of temperatures.
-    Excellent oxidation resistance resulting in longer re-lubrication interval.
-    Reduces wear under shock / vibration load conditions
-    Extremely adhesive
-    Excellent Water Resistance
-    Protects from rust & corrosion.


500ml Eco-friendly Aerosol Spray

Owing to evolving packaging solutions, user is requested to kindly check the availability of a specific pack size prior to standardization.

Appearance Thin Dry Grey Film(Minor variation in color has no effect on the performance of the product)
Base Moly, Resin, Solvent
Color Grayish
Specific Gravity 1.3 ± 0.2 (bulk)
% Volatiles Less than 87%
Odor Mild
Copper Strip Corrosion Negative
Temperature Range -180° C to 400° C
Propellant Eco-friendly Blend of Propane & Butane
Contents 500ml when packed
Container Aerosol tin with 25mm valve and actuator

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